Nearer, my God, to Thee Part 2

I didn't expect to be doing a follow up post on my last one; but after I wrote about those other tunes, I just had to look for them on youtube, and once I heard them I just had to post them for you all to hear.  They are both such beautiful moving tunes. That I think that if I hadn't heard "Bethany" first I might have more likely picked "Horbury" or "Propior Deo" for my favorite. The third tune I listed, "St. Edmunds", I cannot find anywhere but that's okay three tunes are already quite enough for one song!

So here is the British Methodists' favorite tune, "Propior Deo".

And Here is "Horbury" The tune played on the titanic as it sunk into the icy depths of the north Atlantic. Many claim that Since Band master Wallace Hartley was a Methodist that "Propior Deo" was the tune they played, however, no one knows this is certain and it is also accepted that he knew "Horbury" just as well. Besides this there is the overwhelming evidence of the testimony of Eva Hart one of the survivors who claimed that "Horbury" was the tune used. There is no one who can testify to the contrary. But anyway here is the tune.

Enjoy! let me know which you like better. I like them both!

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Elise Meggs said...

Hello Christianna!
I was looking at your blog that I "found" on KBR. I saw your "nearer my God to thee" post and I thought I would write a comment:)
That is the link to another tune that song. I personally like this tune best, though I have never heard those other tunes until today. Thank you for sharing. Enjoyed looking at your blog.
Elise Meggs

Christianna Hellwig said...

Dear Elise, The version you posted is my favorite tune still as well. The version you posted was beautiful! Thank you for sharing. It's too bad the compiler had to put that inappropriate picture at the end, otherwise I might have put it on my blog.
I'm glad you liked visiting my blog!
And, by the way, I love your name; it's my middle name!