About me

       I am a Christian, music graduate endeavoring to serve God with all that is in me. As I believe He has gifted me in the way of music I am writing this blog not only, hopefully, for other people's benefit, but also for mine, to help me learn more about the composers, hymns, and music which I love so dearly. Not only that, but also, I'm keeping this blog to improve my writing skills as I hope to publish someday. I have heard that you never fully know your subject until you can teach it, and that is what I am endeavoring to do. I love the old music, songs and melodies, and that is what you will generally find here. I play violin, piano and recorder, and sing hymns and opera whenever I have the opportunity. I am the fourth of eight children and live in North Carolina, making my way as a private violin teacher, and striving to serve my family as a daughter of the King.