He Keeps Me Singing...

As the first day of fall steals upon me seemingly out of nowhere, I wonder why, for the first time, it has done so! - But only for a second; I know very well why!
  Usually I am anticipating this, my favorite season. Counting the months, weeks and days for the heavy and humid heat of Summer to dissipate into the cold air and sharp biting wind of Fall and Winter. Having never had much tolerance for the heat, the Fall has never been able to sneak up on me...until now!
  I don't want to go into any long expostulations over why this is so and why you will probably not see another blog post until sometime in November; so I thought I just write a list and that list will proclaim my excuses with more eloquence than I am capable of putting forth at this time!

  So here is what has been, is, and will be monopolizing my time...
  •      Teaching a children's choir (I've never done anything close to something like this, but there's nothing like jumping off the deep end to teach you to swim...right?)
  •      The National Bible Bee - I haven't done this before either. I never even did the Bible Bee until this year, knowing it to be my last to compete, I decided to "just try it", and, I thought, little chance of my getting into Nationals!  - Right? - Well I did, so...Two-Hundred Passages memorized word perfect and the book of Nahum to study are dipping heavily into the day's all too meager twenty-four hours!
  •      Dance Classes! (I really just couldn't put this off for another year, could I? ;)
  •     Art Class - Mommy signed me up, I couldn't help it! (of course we won't consider the probable fact that if I had heard of it first I would have signed myself up! - Such trite facts cannot be figured into this equation!:)
  •     Chemistry! - I hate it! but of course there is constantly the question, do I hate glasses more?      (If you don't know what that means, it's code for: if I get to a certain place in Chemistry ere the month of September reaches its expiration date, I get contact lenses!)
  •  Dinner preparation, encouraging others, being a good sister to my brothers, Violin, Piano and of course nothing would be the same without Song - Does it thrill you to sing the way it does me? 
So now do you understand why I can't do a blessed thing besides all the things I listed? (why I'm writing this blog post would be a suitable  question for the time being! :)  Actually I've been writing this post slowly and started about a week before today!

  Though I am very busy, and often so far, during the long haul of memorizing and studying, I have gotten discouraged as I see all the work I have to do. Still I can feel the Lord sustaining me from day to day and I know I would be nowhere with out His power sustaining me! He has kept me singing even when I feel overwhelmed! ~ To Him be the Glory!

Before I leave you, we must have some music!
  I don't know about the current list of  favorite Violinists and Cellists out there (is there even one?) but by far, my favorites above all others are, Itzhak Perlman and Yo-Yo Ma!  My Uncle and the Latter went to school together, so I've known about him for a good long time. (No, I've never so much as attended one of his concerts, though I'd love to someday!) Perlman, I first was introduced to a little under six months ago (before then I didn't have a favorite Violinist!) when I was looking up the theme to Schindler's List (I'd never heard of that before either!) and instantly he took the place of "favored Violinist" in my hall of Favorites! :)
    So, all that to say, you can imagine my delight to find both my favorite musicians performing together one of my favorite pieces, Anton Dvorak's "Humoresque" !
  What could possibly be better?
        I love their faces while playing this piece, but don't forget to really listen to the music - it is so lovely, it made me cry when they got to the part where it changes key...you just have to hear it; there is nothing like listening to great musicians playing a beautiful composition. I think it gives us a little glimpse of what heaven will be like...it stirs my soul from the very bottom in a way that I cannot describe and makes me feel that all is not quite lost for this poor blighted world of  ours!

    So if you are ever carried away by music, be prepared to be so again!
May the Great Conductor of the most magnificent orchestra ever assembled, thrill your soul this fall as He leads you and all fellow musicians on to play the most beautiful piece of music ever composed!

   Until I Write Again...

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Lisa Hellwig said...

Keep singing, my dear.... you are doing wonderfully, because your trust is in the Lord! Keep remembering from whence your help comes. Entertaining post! ;-)
Love you, Mommy