Seven Geese A Laying/ Swans a Swinning!

I mixed up the title of yesterday's post and realized my mistake after I'd already shared it all over the place! So, for your knowledge as well as for my memory, it's 'Six geese a laying, Seven swans a Swimming!'
   Tonight I will be going to a ball.  It will be a Christmas ball but probably the music will be more of a Classical kind than Christmas music!  ~  But Carols actually used to be used as dance music! Popular dance tunes were combined with Christian verses so that people could sing to their own dancing! Many of the older tunes can be danced to quite easily. Besides it makes sense, peasants wouldn't have had too many musicians at their beck and call and if they wanted to dance they would have to sing themselves!  It has only been in more recent years that people sing of Christ's birth only at Christmas. It used to be one of those things that was sung of all year round. After all,  why not?  But that's just the way it is! Nevertheless, wouldn't it still be fun to dance to Christmas music?  -  I looked it up to see if it was actually possible with any modern dances and I actually found quite a bit; people still dance to Carols!  The word carol does actually come from a French word meaning to sing and dance!
  I can almost see a song like "Masters in This Hall," or "Ding Dong Merrily on High," used for a lively reel.  And songs like "What Child is this,"  used for a stately waltz!

   So, I want to share, with you, a couple videos of people doing some Scottish country dancing to Christmas carols, let me know what you think!

 Until I write again!

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