Gabrielle turns twenty-one (a month ago)

I must confess, my friends, that I am quite tardy in posting, as Gabrielle turned 21 on January seventeenth. I have no excuses and can only plead guilty. However, posting late is better than not posting at all, so I will give you a glimpse of what my lovely older sister looked like growing up. I say glimpse, not only because being the oldest child, she had the most pictures, most of which I can not post here, but also because I took pictures of the pictures, and the quality is horrible, but it was the easiest way to do it, and I the pictures are "viewable" (at least most of them). So enjoy!
Five days old.

looking quite stiff in a Sunday suit.
Helping Daddy.

With her Grandparents. She was their first grandchild.
Her first Christmas
With mommy and the uncles.
Her first Birthday
First little brother, Timothy.
Playing with Grandpa. Sorry for the bad quality.
Trying to entertain Timothy.
With her other Grandmother.
with her beloved lamb, "Baba".

Ready for church with daddy.
Her first trip to the ocean.
Here she is again, ready for church.
feeding her dolly.
  Posing with our adopted grandparent's cat. (she is quite photogenic, don't you think?)
I couldn't resist getting all these pictures of her dressed up. She looks so nice.
With little brother Timothy. And, of course, Baba.
With Daddy, Mommy, Timothy and new baby sister, Arianne.
 Playing with Timothy.
dressed up for a Christmas party.
Posing with siblings before church.
And again, a year or so later.
trying to see how many can fit into one sleeping bag!
  Aren't those matching dresses so cute?
With second baby sister.

clowning around with siblings before bed.
A lovely young lady.
Dressing doll with sister.

with second little brother Elliot.
A year later.
In a lovely velvet "gown" before church.
Playing with a calf at the sugar Maple farm in Vermont.
with third little brother Jedidiah.
Playing on a " warm" winter day in New Hampshire.

washing Bok-choy from the garden.

with fourth little brother Tobias.

Posing with a flying pig and our adopted Grandfather. (the only two in our group who liked pigs).

On the famous swing in the brown barn.

helping Daddy with the garden chores.

Her baptism.

with our Grandparents a few years ago.

with fifth little brother, Benaiah.

with braces and a new haircut on her eighteenth birthday.

A lovely young lady of nineteen.

 We love you dearly Gabrielle.

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