I Could Have Danced All Night....

....Well, maybe not all night!
        But I think I could have gone on a lot longer if given the opportunity.
Last Saturday(June 21) I got to really dance for the first time in my life! It was one of the most exciting events I have ever attended, I think! We did mostly Country dancing; Quadrilles, Circle dances and reels! My favorite was probably the "Indian Queen"; an English country dance, or another one we did of which I don't remember the name, oh well!
  Jedidiah took a few videos and I must commend his skill with a simple point and shoot camera.
I'll share the two that came out the best!
 The first one is a modification of the Virginia Reel, I don't remember what that one is called. The second one is the "Circassian Circle" That one was a lot of fun as well!

 For better or for worse, I am the one in the black and white skirt and the blue blouse! I look at these videos and think I look goofy, but perhaps that is just my perception of things!
  Elliot didn't want to dance, Gabrielle and Arianne couldn't make it and Jedidiah on down were too young, Timothy, Mommy and Daddy and I, however had a blast! My Brother Timothy is the tall one in the pale yellow shirt, most of the camera time, I think was spent on him during this dance and my parents are in the group to the left; a lot of the camera time was spent on them too!
  The Circassian Circle is the one below. I was silly enough to wear  NEW heels and actually did stumble and slipped twice in the first dance, that was embarrassing! But by the time we got to this one I had learned to 'slide' with them but still it was hard moving fast, I felt like I was being dragged forward and back when we all went in together and I was in constant fear lest I should fall in the middle of it, and mess everyone up! Next time I shall scuff up the shoes until they don't slide at all, or wear a different pair! But, anyway, I was so thankful the Lord gave me this opportunity!
I can hardly wait until we do it again!

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Lisa Hellwig said...

My dear, you did just fine. As with many of us, it was your first time, and the important thing was that you tried, you had a great time, and everyone else did too. I do believe it was a God-honoring time. He loves when we enjoy His good gifts!

Christianna Hellwig said...

Thank you! :)