Repeat the Sounding Joy

I love flowers. I couldn't really say which is my favorite, though Dandelions come the closest, they're all simply so beautiful.
   The flowers, more than any thing I think, point to the greatness of God. Such numbers of kinds, and majestic diversity, what a glorious panorama of color. I do believe that there is a flower out there for every shade of color out there except perhaps from the brown and green spectrum.
    Though I despise Summer down here in North Carolina, I revel in Spring(except, of course, when it gets too hot) and so enjoy watching everything burst into new life and fresh vigor. The birds sing more sweetly, the flowers bloom with a vengeance and it is the one season of the year when trees adorn themselves with blossoms rather than leaves.
    Furthermore, I have come to the decision that Christmas songs should not merely be sung at Christmas tide. Why not sing them all year round; especially in Spring when the awakening of life ought remind us of the wonderful gift of life God sent to us in the frail form of a baby? Maybe some people get tired of Christmas songs, but perhaps that's because people sing them way too much around Christmas out of an inability to sing them anytime else.
    But as for me, I shall sing them at all times and places, for it isn't fair that one should only sing of the incarnation for a few short weeks. Anyway, Christmas carols are some of the prettiest songs out there...wouldn't you agree?

    I've become particularly attached to "Joy to The World" around now. It seems so fitting as all nature seems to be singing and praising God with all of its tiny voices. If you step outside on a spring morning and listen carefully, you can hear them. The flowers nod their angel heads and cry with sweet little dew drop voices(don't ask me to describe that, you have to hear them for yourself!) "God is good," or "Is not God such a loving father?" over and over again. You can hear their wee voices echoing through your brain as you pear into their crowning loveliness. The birds call in sweet shrill tones, "Isn't He, isn't He Wonderful?" or "Praise Him, praise Him."  The trees echo with soft silvan whispers, "Behold what God has wrought!" and "Let us all glorify Him!" as they wave their many hands upward in adoration of their Creator.

   As for us, since we have audible voices, and since so many don't know, should we not be singing all the more? Enjoy this lovely arrangement by Libera Boy's Choir, and don't just sing Christmas songs at Christmas!

    With Love,
          Christianna Hellwig

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