On the Second Day

    Bells give a sound that is very evocative. They are rung at both funerals and weddings. Bells can promote either sadness or joy. They either peel mournfully, or sound merrily.

   One of my favorite Christmas carols, "Ding Dong Merrily on High,"  speaks of the bells which are rung in honor Christ's birth on Christmas day. I don't know if there are anything like bells in heaven, but if there were, the song suggests that they would have rung on that most joyous day, as also the sky was riven with angels singing. The song goes on to say that even so here on earth let the bells be rung and the people sing.  Finally, the writer urges the ringer to ready his chime, and the singer to beautify his rhyme.

   If I am to be frank with you all I must admit I don't have anything else to say to you all today, but as you get ready for Christmas, do enjoy this joyful carol!

Enjoy Christmas eve eve!

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