She's Actually Getting Married

         Has it been seven or eight months since I last wrote? I do believe I've rather lost track. I was considering beginning this post with an apology for my lengthy absence, but I don't think that would be quite in order considering that I made no promises at the beginning. After all who expects a full time student and teacher to keep up with blogging? Probably no more than half my readers, therefore, "I do not apologize."

   So, what aroused me from my reams of books and homework assignments to make a belated visit to my poor blog?
  Two things: Babershop and my sister's engagement.

  The first item I shall expound upon in the next post, which might not be in a few months considering the current trend.

 As for Arianne's upcoming wedding, I must say it is still rather new for me. It is sometimes hard to grasp the fact that my childhood playmate, idol, confidante, and partner in crime is actually getting married in a little under two months. I'm so happy for her, and know Arianne and Brian will be very happy, still, past twenty years we've lived under the same roof (well, almost) seem to have gone by so fast.
      There are many memories that make me laugh, like the time we tried to keep a tick for a pet and sustain it with a blade of grass, or when she called "History" "histrionics" and I never questioned her. There are memories which cause a tear to roll down my cheek as I remember our innocent outlook on life, how we believed that nothing could ever hurt us, and the worst things we feared were ghosts and lepers under our beds. There are memories which cause both  a grimace and a smirk as I remember us fighting over a  shared traveling bag in a hotel room or kicking each other to tears when we had to share a bed. There are memories which make me smile remembering her appeals to my better nature, to apologize for a wrong or keep my temper from getting the best of me. I remember the lessons she gave me in the kitchen such as how to clean up while I'm cooking so that I don't have a daunting mess at the end, or how to get everything out of a tomato sauce jar with a spatula so as not to waste.
     I also remember how Arianne's favorite hymns were O to Be Like Thee and All the Way My Savior Leads Me. Characteristic of her trusting, compassionate nature.

  I love all my siblings very much, but, or course, Arianne will always hold a very special place in my heart. We got into fights like any normal children but we never managed to stay apart for long and we always confided in each other. My personality and hers balanced the other out in a way I've never shared with anyone else. I have not yet met anyone else who can make me laugh as hard or inspire me to good more than my sister. To add to that I don't think there has been anyone who's gotten me as riled with his easygoing attitude, or as interested in doing things as she has. Our relationship over the years has blossomed not only into that of sisters but of best friends.

  And now that you know more than you ever wanted to about my perspective of Arianne. I want to leave you with a song. One of those hymns which always reminds me of Arianne and which has become one of my favorites as well.
  "All the Way My Savior Leads Me"

May the Savior continue to lead my sister as she embarks on this new road.

I love you Arianne.

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Lisa Hellwig said...

This may just be my favorite post so far! It makes this mother's heart glad to hear this.
Thank you, Christianna!