The Ninth Carol of Christmas

     And here we are on Christmas Eve. Time does pass us by so quickly. You all probably noticed how I harped on one theme and exactly one throughout this entire week and a half. That of the absolute Greatness of God in coming down to become flesh for us. I'm hoping that writing about it so many times has helped it sink in to my own life this Christmastide.

  To wrap things up this season, I am doing something unusual for me. I am sharing a very modern song which isn't necessarily a Christmas song and definitely not a carol.

 However, there's always room to break the mold, and this song really beautifully sums up what Christmas is all about.

The Authors of this song are an Irish couple who have written a lot of really beautiful hymns and tour America very often. Let me know if you guessed who I was referring to simply by reading that sentence.

     My friends, I had a commentary all prepared for this song, but then I realized the song doesn't need a commentary...the words say it all.

 Enjoy this beautiful song, Fullness of Grace, by Keith and Kristyn Getty, and Stuart Townsend.

Fullness of grace in man's human frailty;
This is the wonder of Jesus.
Laying aside his power and glory,
Humbly he entered our world.
Chose the path of meanest worth:
Scandal of a virgin birth.
Born in a stable,
Cold and rejected:
Here lies the hope of the world.

Fullness of grace, the love of the Father,
Shown in the face of Jesus.
Stooping to bear the weight of humanity,
Walking the calvary road.
Christ, the holy innocent,
Took our sin and punishment.
Fullness of God, despised and rejected,
Crushed for the sins of the world.

Fullness of hope in Christ, we had longed for;
Promise of God in Jesus.
Through his obedience we are forgiven,
Opening the floodgates of heav'n.
All our hopes and dreams we bring,
Gladly as an offering.
Fullness of life and joy unspeakable:
God's gift of love to the world.

Most of us will probably receive gifts tonight and tomorrow. Many of us will give them. However, the greatest gift ever bestowed was God's gift of love to the world. That babe the son of Mary. 

   I Wish You All a Merry Christmas 
   And an Equally Joyous New Year!
       ~ Christianna

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Benjamin Harbour said...

Thank you for writing these each year! I always enjoy reading them!

Christianna Hellwig said...

Thanks so much for reading them! Merry Christmas.

Lisa Hellwig said...

Lovely. Thank you, dear, for this beautiful collection of songs, new tunes and the emphasis on the words, which should be haunting our souls. I'm looking forward to seeing how long you will be able to keep this up...(is that a challenge to you?) ;-)

Noel Venegas said...

I absolutely love this song, Christianna-- it was refreshing and encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing! You are a sweet friend and a blessing. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!