I love the church

As I look forward to a conference we will be attending this weekend, I remember back to two years ago when we went to a conference put on by the same director. At this conference a dear family, with whom we have an ongoing friendship, was asked to sing. The song they chose went well with the theme of the conference and I liked it so much that I memorized it. I couldn't find a soundtrack of the tune any where, which is really too bad because it is a lovely tune but the lyrics are beautiful as well. 

I love the church, the flock bought with Christ’s blood—
Sheep gone astray He found and brought to God.
Guarded and fed by shepherds He provides,
We follow Christ, secure and satisfied.

May Christ be praised: “Preeminent! Adored!”
I love the church because I love her Lord!

I love the church, the bride whom Christ pursued—
Poor and unchaste, yet chosen, loved, and wooed.
Our Groom and Head in love laid down His life
To sanctify the church, His cherished wife.

I love the church, my fam’ly o’er the earth—
Sinners estranged, made one through second birth.
In selfless love Christ claimed us as His own,
And that same love from each to each is shown.

I love the church, one body Spirit-led—
Each part distinct, yet one through Christ our Head.
Each member serves, and thus our body grows,
Strengthened by gifts the Spirit wise bestows.

I love the church, the temple God indwells.
Built by our Lord, we triumph over hell.
Founded on Truth, Apostles’ doctrine sure,
We build on Christ, our Cornerstone secure.

I love the church, the pillar of God’s Word.
We will exalt the Truth till all have heard!
We will oppose the lies of erring men
That God in grace may turn them from their sin!

However, if you really want to listen to it, here is a link to the page its on just scroll down till you find A post titled,"The Kendall Family Sings" there are a couple other songs on the sound track posted. The song I am speaking about is at the end, but the others are beautiful as well. 
The picture you see there is of the four children, later on the whole family sang together.

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