Arianne is eighteen

Today my beloved sister Arianne is turning eighteen. How the years have flown; I remember the times when we would play dolls together or tell each other stories we had made up, act out scenes from books, and as little girls goof about when we were supposed to be sleeping. I still remember when we tried to keep a tic for a pet thinking it was a spider and gave it a blade of grass for its sustenance and an origami box for its home,     ( it died the next day, as you may expect and we gave it a funeral with she and I the only mourners). We have always been very different. I could never get her to have a serious interest interest in learning a musical instrument, and she could never get me to see what was so attractive in talking to people and making friends,(at least back then). I remember looking up to her and believing everything she said, even when it came down to how to draw people, wise six year old that she was. I thought that she was quite knowledgeable in everything. I wanted to post just a few snapshots of her as she grew up, but as I sorted through old pictures I could limit my amount to no less than thirty-three pictures!     Here they are.
                                                                Arianne five days old.
                                                                        With Daddy.
                                                                       Her first birthday.
                                                               With big sister Gabrielle.
                                                                All ready for Church.
                                                             Little sister in the way ;) .
                                                         Helping me with my present.
                                                                  Beautiful blue eyes.
                                                              In windy Oklahoma
                                                                   Sisters swinging.

                                                            The " older four" before church.

Her first snow.
Hippos were her favorite animal.
 First little brother.
 Good little mother.
                                                           Goofing around on the kitchen floor.
                                                            " Don't look at her!"
                                                             In our nightgowns before bed.
                                      Her majesty's humble servant, combing her long golden hair.
                                                         At the beach in matching dresses.
                                                                    Second little brother.
                                                             Second mother to them both.
                                                                   " O Jeddy don't cry" !
Matching outfits.
                                                                    Her first hair cut.
                                                                        Third little brother.
                                                                    A new hairstyle.
My turn to be matching.
                                                                   Fourth little brother.
                                                                        Little buddy.
taking pictures of each other.
                                                                        Another baby.
Camping last year.

We love you dearly Arianne.

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Elaine J. Dalton said...

That's so beautiful! Wish Arianne a happy birthday for me!

Christianna Hellwig said...

Thank you I will!

Lauren Fletcher said...

Aw, Give her a hug for me and tell her Happy Birthday :)

Christianna Hellwig said...