Zadok the Priest

My Little brother, Benaiah, has a stuffed lamb named Zadok. This lamb also happens to be Benaiah's favorite animal and is not only taken with his papa everywhere he goes, but is also dragged into every fight, conversation, game and event that his doting father participates in.  Also the letter 'Z' is second only to 'B' in importance as far as reading goes and the name 'Zadok' was one of the first words Benaiah learned to recognize in the Bible. So you can imagine what happens when someone casually mentions that he saw a piece by Handel called "Zadok the Priest"! Yes he went crazy over it and would not let us rest while we were on the computer until he got to listen to "Zadok the Priest".  I then decided to listen to it myself and found it very beautiful; it is much like Messiah in style, which is to be expected, and isn't overly complicated. so here is a link to this lovely piece, the instruments are all period instruments, which means that the instruments used were as much like those that were played when the piece was written as possible, you'll notice that in the wood winds and trumpets. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did!

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