I Am Thankful For What They've Done For Me

September tenth was my parent's Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. And I was reminded again how much I owe them for where they have brought me in life. I am constantly in awe when I remember just how much your life can be shaped by those to whom you were born. If there were no God, I could only say this thought would be depressing since all of us had no say whatsoever in the matter; but in light of the fact that there is a God and each one's birth is sovereignly appointed by Him for a good and glorifying reason. We can rejoice instead of bemoan our fate!  I happen to have two imperfect yet very godly parents. The impact they have had on my life for good is tremendous and I am so thankful. I'm thankful that I have never heard them fight in my entire life; I have never heard my mother nag my father even the tinniest bit; our parents were always careful never to go into debt we have never had any since the day they joined hands; even though when they married they didn't have much counseling from experienced parents, and homeschooling was not well known at the time they started, they decided to home school us anyway. They have established hymn singing in our home since the first child was born, and we have sung at least one hymn every normal evening of our lives together as a family since then. All these things and much more I am thankful for my parents doing for us.
In honor of them, this year I wrote a song which I and my brothers sang for them on the tenth. I haven't got the tune posted up any where but I want to share the lyrics with you all.
   This song is dedicated to my parents

Thank you Father, Mother,
For joining heart to heart,
Though it was never easy,
Yet still you did your part.
O thank you Father, Mother,
You strove to do your best,
You gave us all each other,
For this you will be blessed

You fought the uphill battle,
You sailed a stormy sea;
You gave up friends and money
For Christ and family.

Thank you Father, Mother,
Your prayers though prayed in pain,
Each tear shed for our welfare,
Was never shed in vain.
Oh thank you Father, Mother,
You’ve shown us God above,
By working with each other,
You’ve mirrored his great love.


Thank you Father, Mother,
 Imperfect though you were,
 By loving still each other,
You showed us sin’s best cure;
That love with out condition,
Can blot out any sin,
And though you often stumbled,
Examples you’ve still been.


Than you Father, Mother,
These five and twenty years,
 You’ve lived with one another,
 Through joy and love and tears;
You work is not yet over,
 Your journey’s not yet done,
So still you’ll walk together,
Until the fight is won.

Refrain(for verse 4)
You’ll win that uphill battle
You’ll conquer stormy seas,
You’ll give up wealth and comfort,
 For Christ and family.

I love you Daddy and Mommy!

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