Spring, Spring, Spring

  I love spring.

        After the bleakness of winter, it is so wonderful to watch the grey and brown break out with pale pink, purple, yellow, green and white. I love hearing the birds begin to sing and to see the rabbits nibbling the tender new shoots. What a wonderful creator  we have! Truly, I look at all this and wonder how it is that men can think we came about by chance, a mere random accident.  All creation shouts with a loud voice, all we have to do is stop, keep silent and listen.

  Can order be born from confusion?
 can beauty be caused by a chance?
can God be a childish delusion?
or life be a meaningless dance?

Does purpose result from disaster?
or laughter be born of woe?
Can a piece of the smashed dish run faster
Than the great deer herd's heaviest doe?

Behold how the small sparrow travels,
with no one to point the way.
Truly God's glory this earth tells.
Mistakes cannot rule the day.

So in light of this wonderful season I want to share a song from one of my favorite musicals, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers",  on the wonderful occurrences in this wonderful season! 


                                               May The Almighty reveal Himself to you through His creation!

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