Jedidiah turns eleven

 Today my younger brother Jedidiah turns eleven years of age. As  I think back over the past years of his life, I have noticed that of all of my brothers, his personality and temperament are very similar to mine. Although he does not share my burning passion for music, he still loves it and I have recently begun to tutor him in violin; for practice to start cello eventually. As he is the third son, and I the third daughter, I find there is a special similarity between us and I can often understand him better than I can my other brothers. Jedidiah is the bookworm, the studious one, the serious one and sometimes the very logical one. I love him dearly. Unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures of him from about four years and on, If I had had enough time I could have found them. However I think you will get the idea of how he grew from the pictures I have here.

                                                      five days old.
                                                       About four or five months.
                                                             I love that smile.
                                                     This is his classic sneep face! He did it all the time as a baby.
                                                    Here he is with his two older brothers, in matching night clothes.
                                                         Fireman small at your service.
                                                    What a darling!
                                                         Crying at his first birthday.(I did that too)
                                                     He loved to be bundled up.
                                                    He always sucked his two fingers. It was so cute...for a time.
                                                       As a happy toddler all ready for church.
                                                      Getting his first haircut from Daddy. This has always been a  tradition                                                                       in our family, Daddy gives the boys their first haircut and                                           Mommy does likewise for the girls.
                                  Playing in the sand box with big brother Elliot.

                                                   Still the two fingers!
                                                           At three years of age. Holding his beloved lamb Gideon.
                                                          Helping older brother Timothy to chop mushrooms.
                                                       Trying on Daddy's shoes with older brother Elliot.
                                                  Painting in his cute paint shirt.
                                        ( It was more of a robe for him, it was so big).
                                             I love this picture! He was using a cardboard book and a stick for a fiddle.
                                     There he is between his older and younger brothers.
                                                 Examining the Paul Revere bell when we walked the Boston freedom trail.
                                                  Grinning in front of a cow skull at the Brown barn on our first trip to                                                                                     North Carolina.
                                                Hugging Gideon before bed.
                                                This picture is so cute. Jeddidiah and younger brother Tobias holding hands.
                                                       Helping Arianne with leaf raking.
                                                         At the seashore shortly before we moved to NC.
                                                       Playing in our new house in NC with Elliot.
                                                       Newest little brother Benaiah.
                                                       Two brothers ready for church.
                                                      November of last year.

                                     We love you dearly Jedidiah.

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Mosquito Creek Farm said...

how many are there in your family?
8 in ours.
Abigail chipps

Christianna Hellwig said...

Ten in ours!