On The Eight Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.....

......The Star Carol.
 Up until today all the songs I have posted have no later than the 1800's but this song, written in the nineteen forty's by Alfred Burt is an exceptionally beautiful carol which, also our choir sang this year and which I would like to share with you all. This choir who sang it, did a good job sound wise; the only problem is that most of them look rather bored! This is a good example of how much one's manner while singing can detract from the overall quality of the choir. But, all that aside, do learn this song if you don't know it. The words are below, as always!

Long years ago on a deep winter night,
High in the heav'ns a star shone bright,
While in a manger a wee baby lay,
Sweetly asleep on a bed of hay.

Jesus the Lord was that baby so small,
Laid down to sleep in a humble stall;
Then came the star and it stood overhead,
shedding its light 'round His little bed.

Dear baby Jesus, how tiny Thou art,
I'll make a place for Thee in my heart,
And when the stars in the heavens I see,
Ever and always I think of Thee.

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