On the Second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....

 .....What Child is this!
   "What Child is this who lays to rest on Mary's lap is sleeping?"  Indeed the question that has been asked by many throughout the past two thousand years; a question of wonder and awe. That Christ should take on finite sinful flesh and that, in the form of a helpless babe dependent on others is truly a cause for wonder.
 The lyrics were written by William Chatterton Dix, who at the age of twenty nine was struck down by a near fatal illness and compelled to keep to his bed for many a dreary month. In order to combat depression, he spent his time writing this and many other hymns.
 The words were later set to another of those wonderful old English tunes which have become legendary along with everything else we know and love about Merry olde England!  "Greensleeves".

I think the tune fits very well with the words which is a novelty in today's happy-go-lucky worldview on all things no matter how serious. This tune truly conveys the wonder and awe in this song. I will not bother posting the lyrics since they are very clearly printed on the video. Note how they use the traditional endings on each of the verses instead of treating the the later part as a chorus using the end of the first verse as a refrain for all three; you miss so much when you miss the later part of both of those verses especially the second verse. That one is by far my favorite of all the verses!
 How about you all; do you have a favorite verse?

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