Another Year For Him

As The year draws to a close. I think back with thankfulness of all the ways the good Lord has blessed my life; through the thoughtful council of friends, the unexpected opportunities to learn new things, the meeting of new friends, the opportunities to bless others and see the power of God overflow out of my life into theirs.
Truly it has been a blessed year; another year of serving Christ.
  Below I will list some of the things I did and learned this year:
1. God answers the prayers of those who believe on Him.(you laugh, and I know I should have known this already but this was the first year I really trusted in His power. And consequently saw amazing results!)
2. Made my bed ever morning. (I know, even worse! ;) )
3. Learned to skate.
4. Learned to ride a bicycle.
5. Learned to ride a horse.
6. Learned to swim. (Yes, I really am seventeen!)
7. Did the above three in a skirt, modestly, something my sisters dared  I couldn't do!
8. Learned over Twenty new hymns. (don't ask me to list them all!)
9. Wrote my first song, lyrics and tune! (Don't ask to hear it!)
10. Started publishing video's on you-tube.

I did a lot of other things too. But these are the things that I can remember. Can I be anything but thankful when I think of all these blessings? Besides all of the wonderful things we do all the time and take for granted. So I have posted this lovely song in honor of the passing year may we think on it before we think on all the things we didn't get done or the sins we still struggle with or the bad things which happened to us; and give thanks!

And for an old folk song traditionally sung on New years day; Auld Lang Syne!
And Last, but not least, to remember the year ahead of us; Another year is dawning. (Unfortunately this was the best video I could get.)

May We All Live This Next Year For Christ!

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Rebekah said...

Hi Christianna,
Since you enjoyed the first book in the Triple Creek Ranch series, I just wanted to let you know that Book 2 is now available.
If you have time, I'd love to have you write a review on Amazon for me for the first book. (Book 2 also after you read it. :) )

Have a lovely weekend!