Pachelbel's Cannon in D

If any one of my readers has never heard this piece before, please let me know! This is perhaps one of the most well known Cannon's in all of history; right up there with Mozart's "Fur Elise" and Bach's "Jesu Bleibet Meine Freud". 
 For any of you who does not know what a cannon is, I will explain. A cannon is a piece of music where a simple melody called an aria is taken and played through over and over again, each time getting more and more complex in it's harmonies and yet still keeping the simple melody in the back round. Each of the times it is played over with a different harmony is called a variation. I would say that cannons are almost my favorite kind of classical music!  I was listening to this on somebody's blog and suddenly I wondered why I hadn't posted this on MY blog! It is such a beautiful piece. Now, if any one of my readers doesn't like Pachelbel's Cannon, I would love to hear about that as well!
 But, please enjoy this orchestra version. I like it best with just piano and violin, but I couldn't find a video that I liked!  This one, however, is excellent.

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